Company Profile

EUREKA INDUSTRIES LIMITED is a public limited company listed on Bombay Stock Exchange. The company was incorporated in the year 1992 with the name and style of Eureka Spinners Limited, in the year 1993 its name was changed to Eureka Industries Limited. In the year 1994 the company came out with the Public Issue and its shares were listed on Bombay Stock Exchange.

Its Registered Office is situated in Ahmedabad. Presently the company is being looked after by five directors namely Mr. Ketan Gandhi, Executive Director, Mr. Narayan B Prajapati, Executive director, Mr. Gunjan Choudhary, Independent Director, Mr. Yashdeep Jajpura, Independent Director and Miss. Aarefa Oanali Dudhwala, Independent Director of the company. Mr. Gunjan Choudhary and Mr. Yashdeep Jajpura are Chartered Accountants.

Eureka Industries Limited is the largely held Public Limited Company having more than 5000 shareholders. In the year 2001 the company’s shares were suspended from trading at BSE and in the same year company’s business of manufacturing of cotton yarn was also closed as the company’s factory building was demolished due to massive earthquake on 26th January, 2001.

Now company is on revival stage and hence it is trying to get trading permission of its shares on stock exchange and at the same time it is trying to get permission of Dematerialization of its shares.